At Run Run Club we believe it's about much more than just one big race a year. It's about rewarding all the training, connecting with likeminded athletes, staying active, reaching milestones and achieving new goals. Whether you're walking, rolling, or running.


At Run Run Club we aim to create races and challenges that are fun, unique, and that make you enjoy the miles more than ever.


Because we believe that all miles deserve medals

we're thinking differently about medals

We thought long and hard about building a company that can make a net positive contribution to our environment while combining our personal passions - and we think eco-friendly race medals is a great place to start. 


The race community produces millions of metal medals a year. We think there's a better way.

Our medals and packaging are made from sustainable materials that are biodegradable, recyclable, or both (and making that happen is harder than you think!)

We're not perfect though (yet) because we still have some single-use plastic in our supply chain - such as parcel tape on shipping boxes we receive from suppliers. We're working hard with our suppliers to change this.


15% of profits go to charities we love

Ensuring we're a positive influence on the environment starts with how we do business and how we create products. As part of that commitment we also support great organisations that dedicate themselves to cleaning up our oceans and planting trees.

Run Run Club Ltd is an eco-friendly running company based in Hertfordshire, UK

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